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Soap adsorbent is useful in all edible oil fefining process in batch type and contineus refining process. Soap adsorbent can be remove soap particle, metal & phospolipides in neutral oil.

Use in plant

After removal of soap from neutral oil in neutralizer, we are applied one pre-wash by hot water because we can not remove soap which is deposited on heating coil, blade of stirrer and side of vessel. By pre-wash, we can remove unsettled soap, so we can redused quantity of soap adsorbent. We can recieved best result in bleacher instead of neutralizer.
Neutral oil is heated upto 85-90ºC with constant stirring. Moisture in oil should be 0.20-0.30% minimum. You must calculated soap ppm in neutral oil. Approximately, soap adsorbent is required dosage is 0.08-0.15% which is depend upon soap ppm in neutral oil. Generaly soap adsorbent is required 1 kg per 1 MT of neutral oil. Required quantity of soap adsorbent is charge at temp 85-90ºC with constant stirring for 20-30 minutes & than you can go next process for bleaching.

Required dosage of soap adsorbent for elimination soap is two times grams soap adsorbent per mt oil. If soap ppm is 500 in neutral oil, quantity required is 500x2=1000 gm of soap adsorbent in 1 MT neutral oil.

Major Benifits

  • You can save loss of neutral oil by water wash.
  • Soap adsorbent is easily added & offers the option of eliminating both primary and secondary water wash
  • centrifuge costly equipment and associated operations and maintenance cost and problems are
  • eliminated.
  • You can save fuel for heating of water.
  • You can save power requirement for centrifuge, pump and mixture.
  • You can save time.
  • You can increase the efficiency of bleaching earth powder.
  • By using soap adsorbent, you can over come the problem of and water pollution problem which is to day world problem of polution


Type Mineral,Mineral
Form Powder
PH ph 8% (+1)
Magnesium oxide mgo 30%
Silica sio2 60% (+1)
Water soluble matter Max 0.5%

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